The best continuing education. So informative with a wealth of knowledge beyond the basics. Come to this class ready to learn. Very good and non-stressful.
— Mark Sherfey, MD, CPM – Monterey, Tennessee

Very positive! Given my background in Chiropractic; visceral adjusting is very easy to add to my current practice.
— Teresa D’Aversa Johnson, DC – Washington, Pennsylvania

Very informative and something our industry needs. Powerful work is bing done to assist nature.
— Amanda McGinnis, LMT – DeKalb, Illinois

Excellent learning experience! I feel so blessed to have found this class. Can’t wait to share with other women who have pelvic pain. This technique will change their life.
— Karen Miller – Fort Smith, Arkansas LMT

Awesome! There’s so much great information! I can’t wait to start using it. This class flew by and was well worth every penny that I paid.
— Katy Frega – Geneva, Illinois DC, ND

AWESOME!!! I had a really great time and love every part of this therapy. Thank you very much!
— Patti MacGregor – Ontario, Canada RMT

Wonderful class…..thank you for sharing your knowledge in such a fun and engaging way.
— Kim Taddei – Milwaukee, Wisconsin MD, LMT

Mercier Therapy Professional Training has really opened my eyes to the enormous gap we have in pre and post natal preparation and support. Any women would benefit greatly from the technique presented in this class. I look forward to working in women’s health by empowering her choice to take control of her life.
— Tamara Gold – Huntley, Illinois BS, LMT

Excellent learning experience and thorough information with hands-on practice.
— Robert Jones – Weberville, Michigan LPN, CMT

Wonderful and I’m very excited to move forward with this work.
— Jennifer Kelm – Marengo, Illinois LMT

It was a great pleasure to know and work with you. Your passions inspires me to spread awareness regarding women’s alternative therapy.
— Meghna Shah – Willowbrook , Illinois PT

— Kristine Tohtz – Chicago, Illinois DC

An outstanding class, I learned a lot, great opportunity for solid hands-on experience. I can go right from the classroom to working with my clients. A great confidence builder!
— Donna Zubrod – Cary, North Carolina MSc, MBA, LMBT

One of the best ever for CE’s! Was able to grasp a lot of information in a weekend.
— Darla Schatz – Maumelle, Arkansas LMT

What I expected and more. I feel confident to go use this technique tomorrow, Great information! Great tools to use to teach women about their health.
— Dana Browning – Maumelle, Arkansas DC

Fantastic. Great information and unique technique.
— Toni Grace Cherney – West Chicago, Illinois DC

Knowledgeable; information presented clearly with ample visuals to support learning; comfortable relaxed atmosphere.
— Jean Kardell – Gretna, Nebraska RN, LMT

I love it. I think it will help me to learn one more goal in my life and practice. The Mercier technique will help a lot of families to change their lives.
— Inna Nikogosian – Round Lake, Illinois DN

Inspiring and empowering! I am so grateful to be able to benefit women, their health, and their awareness of their body at all stages of development.
— Bee Uytiepo – San Rafael, California CMT

This was grand! I am glad I waited a year to take he class. It was a nice and laid back with ample time for questions, lunch and chatting. It feels more like a community.
— Kerri Bundy – Reston, Virgina LMT, CMT, CD, CCE, CLC

Full of information that is life changing; for both me and the (lucky) women I am destined to work on. Very motivating, educational in a casual and fun environment.
— Merry McConnell – Johnson City, Tennessee LMT

Wonderful! I am looking forward to implementing Mercier Therapy into my practice.
— Allison Allread – Dayton, Ohio WHNP

Dr. Jen was very thorough-explained purpose, technique and precautions with great expertise. Very nice program.
— Troy Zacherl – Erie, Pennsylvania DC