Meet Your Instructors


Jennifer Mercier

I am passionate about women’s healthcare issues and helping to heal women with common ailments such as or infertility. I want to share the Mercier Therapy technique with other healthcare professionals so that we can collaboratively start helping women with a more holistic approach to pelvic pain, fertility challenges, sexual abuse trauma recovery and many more issues. My background and training as a Massage Therapist, Naturopath and Midwife has been invaluable. The diversity among my clients has been amazing. Teaching my technique is very exciting to me! I really look forward to connecting with you and promise that you will find that Mercier Therapy Professional Training will take your profession to a whole new level.

To learn more about Jennifer Mercier’s holistic health practice, visit her website at:

Mercier Therapy Professional Training has really opened my eyes to the enormous gap we have in pre and post natal preparation and support. Any women would benefit greatly from the technique presented in this class. I look forward to working in women’s health by empowering her choice to take control of her life.
— Tamara Gold, BS, LMT – Huntley, Illinois

Skip Hart

Skip has over 17 years of practice in Alternative & Integrative Holistic Health with a doctorate in Naturopathic and Oriental Medicine. With an extensive use of Functional Endocrinology, which may include a Comprehensive and/or Hormone testing (blood or saliva), Dr. Skip provides a progressive way to understand and interpret the results of a variety of tests to get an overall picture of the health of the body and how well it and all the organs are working. Utilizing Functional Medicine in this way we are then able to set a clear path ahead for health progress. These lab results leave us with a very effective and quantitative way to track improvements.

Whether it be (in)Fertility, Pelvic Pain, Menstrual irregularities, Chronic Pain, Fatigue, Depression, Anxiety, Thyroid or even Allergies, Dr. Skip is dedicated to a root cause analysis to get you feeling happy, healthy and in charge of your longevity.

Dr. Skip began collaborating and co-instructing with Jennifer Mercier domestically in 2011 and currently my responsibilities include coordination, instruction and implementation of all international certification courses as well as co-teaching domestically during our quad-annual certification classes held in St. Charles, Illinois.